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Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe upholding an enviable historical and cultural heritage. There are numerous monuments and museums that can be visited throughout several areas of the city, offering a good acquaintance of the city’s history, and also, Portuguese history.

It is a cosmopolitan city, with unique natural and urban landscapes, architecture and many other wonders, that can be discovered walking along its seven hills.
Its typical gastronomy varies from the delicious 'pastel de Belem' cake to the tasty sardines and the salted codfish (cooked in many creative and flavored ways).
Lisbon is a city built along the north bank of the Tagus river. With this privileged geographical layout, it is possible to enjoy a sunny and wonderful landscape, and sightseeing at its innumerous terraces and gardens or, just walking and practicing sport along the vast waterfront.
Lisbon's nightlife is very popular and welcoming. With a variety of theatres and nightclubs and substantial concentration of pubs and bars that are located largely in Bairro Alto, Docks and Cais do Sodré.
This marvelous and charming city offers a wide option of hotels, where you are offered a comfortable and personalized service at various prices.
Lisbon is a city of many paths that can be enjoyed on different ways: using the efficient public transport network (train, boat, electric, metro and bus) or the numerous individual and tourist transport options, from the classics (taxis, or tour buses) to the most creative ones such as the tuk-tuk or experience the amphibian tour bus for a land and river experience.

Lisbon is the capital of an extraordinary country, with friendly and welcoming people. A country facing the sea and displaying a huge growth potential, mainly through developed port and airport infrastructures that help simplifying the import and export of goods.
This magical city, full of wonders, is the perfect place to live, study, work and experience a unique quality of life.

Access to Markets

Access to Markets 2

We provide better access to markets:

  • 500 Million European Consumers
  • 250 Million Portuguese-speaking Consumers (Brasil, Angola, Mozambique…).
  • Preferential legal, tax and business links with those markets
  • Excellent relations with other markets: Latin America, Africa, USA and Asia.


Lisbon offers privileged access to both the Portuguese-speaking world and the European Union, and is therefore a strategic gateway for those looking to access either markets. Its three ports (Lisbon, Setúbal and Sines) offer great access to key shipping routes between the Panama and Suez canals, whilst its international airport is one of Europe's flight hubs for both Africa and South America. Lisbon is a true Atlantic Business hub.

Trade facilitator

Setting up a subsidiary company in Lisbon provides a base for imports and exports and allows you to leverage our cultural and linguistic connections and know-how. It can also be extremely beneficial economically: our economic ties often mean lower tariffs and tax rates, helping your performance.

Key Statistics:

Distance between Lisbon and Key European Cities                                                                                     

City Distance By road By plane
Madrid 600 Km 7 horas 1h00m
Paris 1.800 Km 17 horas 2h30m
Londres 2.182Km 21 horas 2h20m
Frankfurt 2.300 Km 23 horas 2h55m

Number of flights from Lisbon by destination:

Europe – 103
America – 50
Africa and Asia - 13

Human Resources

Human Resources

Portuguese culture puts a high value on education and our society is extremely internationally orientated. The result is a very educated, multilingual population that embraces change and innovation:

  • Highest growth in the EU for innovation performance (WEF 2014)
  • 4 000 graduates a year, with the highest proportion of science and engineering degrees anywhere in the EU (WEF 2014)
  • A multilingual population rated “highly proficient” in English (Education First) ahead of Spain, France and Italy. 42% of population speak 2 languages and 23% speak at least 3
  • 25% of the population has a higher education qualification
  • Technology-orientated: this has made us a favorite international market for testing new products



The operating costs in Lisbon are some of the lowest in Europe, without compromising on standards:

  • 60% average saving on operating costs.
  • Competitive wages: The average salary is less than half that of the EU (€11.60/hour vs €23.7/hour) (Eurostat 2014).
  • Office space rental from €8 / sqm /month (Cushman and Wakefield 2014).
  • Low corporate tax rate with further confirmed reductions of at least 2% p.a. until 2016.
  • Portugal’s new Tax Investment Law will introduce 0% corporation tax for startups in the first 3 years of operation and a 6% bonus on technology activities (WEF 2014).
  • Incentives for hiring, investing and R&D

Lisbon is the epicenter of a region that generates 40% of the national GDP. Its 3 million consumers are open to innovation and to new products and services.
With an wide river front and privileged access to the Atlantic, is the confluence port of massive cruise and navigation routes, ongoing a process to build a large turism cruise moor. It´s the European Capital with the largest exclusive economic zone, hosting the European Maritime Safety Agency Agency

Modern Infrastructures

We are set up for the global economy. Be more virtually connected - with our superfast broadband, and physically with frequent direct flights to major worldwide business centers. Getting to meetings or events anywhere in the city, is fast and easy .

  • 4th in Europe for fiber optic network (only behind Luxembourg, Lithuania and Andorra)
  • 4th in Europe for bandwidth speed (FTTH 2014).
  • 4th on worldwide ranks for national road and motorway network (WEF 2014).
  • Modern and comprehensive public transport system means easy commutes and a journey time of just 15 minutes from airport to CBD.
  • Largely walkable and with a nice cycle path network, means less stress on you and better environment.
  • Green concerns certified by 64% of electricity in Portugal coming from renewable sources (as of 09/14, APREN) and a clear bet on electric car use as Lisbon was the first city in Europe to implement an large electric car charger network and changed a large part of municipality fleet to electric cars

Business Environment

Business Environment

Investing and doing business in Lisbon is easy thanks to government and city level red tape-cutting initiatives:?

  • Fastest business setup time in EU-28 (WEF 2014) - now takes just 45 minutes to set up a business, and this process can be done online.
  • 10 th in the world for starting a company, ahead of the United States (World Bank 2014).
  • J15 places jump in the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness rankings between2013-14.
  • Simplified Real Estate laws and procedures.
  • Top-20 countries for business worldwide on Forbes.

All this, reveals a strong commitment at all levels to facilitate business.

Quality of Life and safety

Quality of Life low

Lisbon is not a top tourist destination for nothing: great food, stunning architecture and sunny weather makes business in Lisbon a pleasure. In your free time, the countless music and theatre performances, restaurants and nightlife hotspots will satisfy even the most demanding urbanite. Then there's parks, museums, festivals and a world class surfing and golf on your doorstep – you'll never be bored.

This quality of living combined with its safety record makes Lisbon a great place to live and an easy sell when attracting talent

  • Safest European Capital (EU)
  • Rated the world's most welcoming country for immigrants (UN)
  • Surfing and golf resorts at 15 minutes from the city centre
  • Europe's sunniest capital with over 220 days of sun per year
  • Fine Mediterranean gastronomy

Startup City

Startup City 2

Lisbon was recently named European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year 2015 – the first time a city has received this distinction that is usually awarded to regions and is 2015 European Entrepreneurial Capital.

Innovation is a key part of our city. The startup scene in Lisbon is thriving with record numbers of companies registered in the last few years, and there is a large contingent of foreign entrepreneurs who have taken root here. The wide availability of support, low taxes and affordable resources all makes Lisbon an ideal launching pad for the young and ambitious.

Our many R&D facilities are receiving increasing levels of funding and benefit from good infrastructure and a ready supply of talented graduates from top European schools.

  • Portugal is ranked 10th in the world for starting a company, ahead of the United States (World Bank 2014).
  • €6 000 million to be invested in R&D, innovation and SME competitiveness by 2020.
  • 158 R&D centers, with domestic R&D investment more than doubling between 2002 and 2012.
  • A growing network of 14 business incubators, 15 co-working spaces and 4 FabLabs, offers comprehensive support for startups.

Key Sectors

Key Sectors

Real Estate

Lisbon has a wide number of real estate opportunities, including urban rehabilitation, residential properties and prime CBD locations.

Attractive incentives:

  • Fiscal and edification incentives for rehabilitation.
  • Non-habitual residents tax incentives.
  • New golden residence permit for investors.

Straightforward Investment:

  • New Lisbon Master Plan.
  • New lease law.
  • Simplified Real Estate Register.
  • Availability of expansion areas from the City Council.


Tourism is one of Portugal's biggest industry sectors and makes up around 10% of GDP. A large part of this is focused in Lisbon. This industry is also growing, and Lisbon experienced a record numbers of visitors in 2014.

Outstanding air connections, including low-cost carriers.

  • Culture and heritage, beaches, watersports, golf, beautiful rural areas, luxury and retail shopping and a thriving backpacking scene.
  • Rated Best City Break Destination ’13
  • Rated Best Cruise Destination ’14
  • Rated Best Cruise Port ’14

As a mature industry, there is a very developed network of organizations which promote it and provide support, statistics and regulation.

Shared Service Centers

Make the right choice for your Shared Service Centre - Lisbon. We provide great quality and competitive costs, whilst allowing you to implement at a very low risk.

  • Excellent quality-price ratio of skilled labor, especially in engineering.
  • "Ease of learning and a strong appetence for technology within national workforce" - Deloitte 2014.
  • London time zone.
  • Low corporate tax rate with further confirmed reductions of at least 2% p.a. until 2016
  • Quality of technological infrastructures.
  • One of the lowest costs in Europe with regard to office rental and purchases.
  • wWorking population characterized by its outstanding language skills and traditionally known for its openness and ability to adapt to different cultures .

Creative Industries

Lisbon has exceptional condition for high quality audiovisual production. Not only is it frequently sunny (over 220 days a year) with a low number of rainy days (an average of 100/year) but it also offers a wide variety of scene options. Our city presents an huge mix of architectural styles like the the Moorish architecture, Pombalino e Manuelino, Art deco, modernista, but also modern design and futuristic glass and steel towers, untouched nature and miles of coastline and beach within a half-hour drive. Pôs imagens?! But not the least there are already very good support companies for cinematographic productions.

Additionally, municipality is extremely supportive of this industry, making all licensing process relatively easy. Lisbon Film Commission offers further support to production companies and film professionals in Lisbon, answering questions, liaising with the municipality and helping to source locations. If the film is considered important for the city it may even enjoy special conditions such as free city taxes

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