Anyone who wants to invest in Lisbon here can find useful information about the main procedures. While it is our purpose to present the most complete and current information possible, setting up a business is a process that will necessarily involve the consultation of official authorities and their most up to date requirements.


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Setting Up a Business

Setting up a business in Lisbon is easy, fast and straightforward.
See below for a simple, step by step guide to setting up your business*.

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Obtain Portuguese Fiscal Number (NIF)

If the person requiring the number is a citizen of the European Union and is present during the act he/she will have to present the following documents

  • Identification document (passport, ID cart, …)
  • Proof of address

If either the person requiring the number is NOT present during the act or if he/she is NOT a citizen from the European Union he/she will have to issue a power of attorney to someone to obtain the NIF on his/her behalf and also to be his/her fiscal representative.

The fiscal representative must:

  • Have permanent address in Portugal
  • Accept being a fiscal representative (signed declaration)
  • Can be either an individual or a company.

All documents not in Portuguese must be translated and apostilled according to the rules of The Hague Convention (which can be done in any Portuguese embassy).

If the investor is a company , it must register with the Portuguese tax authority, and to do so it is necessary:

  • A copy of the commercial registry of the country of origin translated and apostilled according to the rules of The Hague Convention (which can be done in any Portuguese embassy) (except when in English or French
  • The person that ask the act of registering the company in Portugal has to have authority to do so (owner identified in the commercial registry, solicitor or someone with a power of attorney) and has to bring identification document (ID card, Passport, …)


The following links may help you to get acquainted with some of Portuguese economic nomenclatures and resources necessary to set up a business:

Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities – NACE

NACE (CAE in Portuguese) is a statistical nomenclature to classify each economic activity. To switch the site to English click “English Version” on the top right side of the site.


On the Spot Firm

The On the Spot Firm (Empresa na Hora) helps to create a company in a single office (one-stop shop) no more and no less than an hour. Find more information here


The Company Portal

The Company Portal aims to become a channel to streamline companies’ relationships with the Public Administration throughout its life cycle, with four main areas: creation, management, expansion and extinction.

One can also create a firm, register a brand, obtain certificates and deal with some licensing (e.g. industrial licensing) or simply find out about services necessary for the execution of an economic activity in Portugal.

More information about this initiative is yet to be disclosed by the official authorities in English. You can access the Portuguese website Portal da Empresa (automatic translation feature is available) and contact us if you need further help.


National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) – brand and patents registration

The role of INPI is to grant and protect Industrial Property rights on a national and international level, in collaboration with the international organizations of which Portugal is a member, and also, process and publish patented technical and scientific information. You can obtain more information on the INPI website.

If you need further help on this issue you can contact us.


* It is our purpose to present the most complete and updated information possible, however, the information on this page does not dispense the need for consulting the proper legal authorities. Invest Lisboa has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site. However, no rights can be obtained from its texts and no representation or warranty is made regarding the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the content. Invest Lisboa checks the websites to which links are provided regularly, but cannot be held responsible for the information which these websites contain.


Export Helpdesk

The European Union is the world's largest single market and the Export Helpdesk is your online portal to access it. Find the EU tariffs, requirements, preferential arrangements, quotas and statistics relating to imports from trade partner countries.


Voyage à Lisbonne pour les pros

You own a French company and you chose Lisbon as the place for your next business trip? « Voyages et Affaires », a French company settled in Lisbon, will take care of everything for you: we’ll book your hotel, restaurants, activities, meeting rooms… Each and every moment of your trip will be thought of to let you enjoy the best the city has to offer, at your own pace.

Vous avez une entreprise en France et vous avez choisi Lisbonne pour un séjour professionnel ? Voyages et Affaires, société française basée sur place, s'occupe de tout organiser : réservation d'hôtels, de restaurants, d'activités, de salles de réunion... Chaque moment de votre voyage est pensé pour vous faire connaître le meilleur de la ville, tout en s'adaptant à vos envies






Whether you’re looking for a small office to set up your firm or a large land plot to establish a large industry or corporate headquarter, Lisbon has many solutions available. Here are some of them:

Large buildings or land plots

City of Opportunities (Lisbon City Hall real estate initiative)
Estamo (sale of public real estate)
Ministry of Finances (Portuguese Government pawn real estate)

Office spaces

Virtual Offices (Escritórios Virtuais)Invest Lisboa’s virtual offices are a cost effective option for companies wishing to set up business in Lisbon, but who do not need an office on a full-time basis. 
Business Incubators - Lisbon’s network of business incubators.


Offices for rent/sale
Escritó website focused on offices for sale


If you want something urgent, specific or tailored for a special purpose, don’t hesitate to contact Invest Lisboa. We will gladly engage in the necessary diligences to find what you’re searching for.


Citizens of other European Union member states, as well as a few other European countries, can live and work in Portugal without a visa.

Citizens of non-member countries of the EU need a specific visa whenever planning on staying for more than 90 days, to work or study in Portugal. Visas should be applied for at the Consulate or in the Portuguese Embassy of the locale of residency.


Necessary documents:

  • Form and two photographs;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Criminal record;
  • Authorization for Criminal Record consultation by the SEF (model delivered by the consular office);
  • Certificate of residence;
  • If an investment is the reason for migration, documents proving the constitution of the company and evidence of investment that you want to implement;
  • Study of the impact of the investment to prove the importance of investment;
  • Bank statement proving livelihood resources for a period of no less than 12 months, according to the decree 1563/2007 and to Law 23/2007;
  • If there is a Portuguese partner a letter of intent on business or partnership to jointly develop the investment.

(Foreign language documents must be translated and legalized)

Note: according to each case, the consulate can always request additional documents.

For more information visit:

SEF - Immigration and Borders Service

ACM - High Commission for Migration

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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