• Quality of life

    European capital with most hours of sunshine per year. Beaches and Golf Courses within 15 minutes of the city center. Read More
  • 750 million consumers

    Lisbon is an Atlantic business hub. Read More
  • We support your investment

    Personalized, Flexible, Free and Confidential Services. Read More
  • Lisbon is easy

    Everything is near, everything is simpler and with lower operational costs, contributing to a perfect environment to do great business. Read More
  • Lisbon is the future

    Qualification, flexibility, creativity, multilingual ability and competitiveness are some of the differentiating values of the Portuguese human resources. Read More
  • Decision center

    Greater Lisbon, with 3 million inhabitants and 40% of Portugal's GDP, is the main decision center for business creation and growth and the location of most corporation head offices. Read More
  • Lisbon is welcoming

    Safest European capital and 13th safest country in the world. Country that best welcomes immigrants. Read More
  • Lisbon is opportunity

    Tourism is an important sector, but the city's potential goes far beyond it. Areas such as Health, Research and Shared Services Centers, Creative Industries, Maritime Economy and Urban Rehabilitation, among others, offer great business opportunities. Read More
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Lisbon, an emergent Atlantic Hub

Lisbon offers some of the best business conditions in Europe, in terms of transport and communication infrastructures, facilities and qualified human resources at extremely competitive costs together with an unparallel quality of life. In fact, increasing numbers of multinational companies and entrepreneurs are choosing Lisbon to install their business and explore the advantages of nearshoring.

In Lisbon your business will also benefit from an outstanding geostrategic position at the crossroads of the Atlantic routes and the perfect gateway between Europe and fast growing economies such as Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, with whom Lisbon shares the same language, cultural background and important business partnerships. This know-how is a real asset to companies wanting to explore these complex markets.

In this event at MIPIM, Invest Lisboa, a “one-stop-shop” for investors, and the Lisbon Municipality, together with the CEO’s from CBRE and Euro Hypo Portugal presented their perspectives about the real estate market and investment opportunities in Lisbon.

Check out the presentations held at MIPIM:


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