Portugal's capital for nearly 900 years, Lisbon keeps the past alive without being nostalgic. It is firmly committed to modernity and is prepared for the future.

Lisbon’s strategy for economic promotion and attracting new investments is based on the following pillars:

  • Foster internationalisation and promote Lisbon´s economy competitive capacity at a regional and global scale;
  • Create, attract and retain talent, companies, investments and activities in strategic sectors;
  • Nurture innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial attitude in Lisbon;
  • Transform Lisbon into an open space, explore new motivations, experiences and concepts;
  • Position Lisbon within the major production networks and global value chains;
  • Include Lisbon in the main international city projects and networks.

Investor's Guide

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Real Estate

Real estate investors can benefit from the many incentives and advantages Lisbon has to offer. 


Relevant Information


To find out more about real estate opportunities, please contact Invest Lisboa.




Incentives to Commerce and Investment

  • IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (available in Portuguese only)

Incentives to Real Estate Investment

Incentives to Tourism Investment

Tax Incentives

Incentives to Employment and Hiring

  • IEFP – Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (available in Portuguese only)

Incentives to Training and Internships

  • IEFP – Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (available in Portuguese only)



Investment Opportunities

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