Lisbon’s strategy for economic promotion and attracting new investments is based on the following pillars:

  • Foster internationalization and promote Lisbon´s   economy competitive capacity  at a regional and global scale;
  • Create, attract and retain talent, companies, investments and activities in strategic clusters;
  • Raise  innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial attitude  in Lisbon;
  • Transform Lisbon into an open space, explore new motivations, experiences and concepts;
  • Position Lisbon within the main global networks, production and value chains;
  • Include  Lisbon on  the main international city projects and networks.

Portugal's capital for nearly 900 years, Lisbon keeps the past alive without being nostalgic. It is firmly committed to modernity and is prepared for the future.

You will find here one of the best cities to live in, to work or visit.  Moderate climate, exceptional food, outstanding natural and built landscape, an increasingly vibrant cultural scene and, a world recognized strong historical heritage, attract people from all over the world. The river, light, seven hills, and friendly locals, makes Lisbon a unique experience. Here was the birthplace of Fado - listed by UNESCO in 2011 as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Not the least, Lisbon links Europe to Africa, Brasil and Asia for our culture is thoroughly connected. Portuguese language is spoken by over 240 million people on 4 continents, making it the 3th most spoken and fastest growing European Language in the world, and it is also the 3th language more spoken on the European Parliament.

Concerning environment awareness and responsible companies we are proud to be the only European City to have a 1000ha forest Park within its boundary, with excellent recreational infrastructures and huge biodiversity, considered a management example by national administration and. Lisbon offers either a unique network of heritage city gardens and Parks. 

Creative and entrepreneurial concerns complete this outstanding scenery, standing out a wide and competitive housing offer, all this on the one of the safest cities in Europe.

Lisbon is ranked amongst the Top 10 of the Financial Times magazine FDI February / March 2012, as one of the European cities with the greatest future potential and also received The European City of the Year 2012 award from the Academy of Urbanism (UK), based on criteria such as governance, success and commercial viability, social and environmental sustainability and functionality. Lisbon also was awarded the European Entrepreneurial Region of the year 2015.

Lisbon has a wide variety of excellent reasons to attract investment – with its privileged geostrategic situation plays the role of economic center of a vast region , endowed with qualified human recourses, a cosmopolitan ecosystem  and a  high quality of life.

Important support structures for investment have been developed and introduced  for investment and entrepreneurship. “Iniciativa Lisboa” desk provides a one-stop shop for all the services and information that are necessary for starting up or develop a business in the city.

Lisbon’s Economy

  • 2.8 million inhabitants living in the Lisbon region (of which 548,000 in the city)
  • 334.000 companies (of which 97,000 in the city)
  • 61,2 million - the GDP generated by the Lisbon region (22.000 euro per capita)
  • 140,000 students enrolled in the 2012/2013 academic year, in tertiary education institutions in the Lisbon region.
  • 34.000 students graduated in the 2011/2012 academic year, in tertiary education institutions in the Lisbon region.
  • 15 000 researchers and more than 150 research centers
  • 3 Science and Technology Parks
  • 2.1% of Lisbon area GDP applied in Research and Developing

Lisbon offers a privileged location for an European or regional headquarter of multinational companies, with its airport within the city and 5min from the CBD, and a high potential for the localization of shared services and near shoring.

Investor's Guide

Real Estate

Lisbon has a many incentives and advantages that Real Estate investors can benefit of:

Attractive incentives

Straightforward Investment

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Investment opportunities

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