Lisbon Your Creative Heart


Lisbon Creative Heart


The video Lisbon Your Creative Heart is an initiative of Invest Lisboa, Lisbon’s economic promotion agency, with the aim of attracting to Lisbon creative and artistic talents.

The musician and producer Makoto Yagyu (Paus + Riding Panic), the painter Francisco Vidal and the fashion designer and entrepreneur Mónica Gonçalves were the characters chosen to demonstrate the creativity of Lisbon.

The video was produced and directed by

What led us to make this video was considering that cities that compete in attracting investments, businesses and tourists, are also increasingly competing for the attraction of talents, such as entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, researchers, students or professionals from other areas. Because talents are the driving force of cities and economies, they are the ones that solve the problems of societies.

Lisbon has all the conditions to attract talents and, thus, improving its economic situation and quality of life.





I hope you enjoy the video and help us to spread the word about Lisbon Creative Hub.



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